Spine Line – back and spine massage
Body Line – full body massage
Body Session – 2-hour full body massage
Feet in the Clouds – foot and calf massage
Source of Relaxation – head, face and shoulder massage
Cellulite Zone – thigh, buttock and abdomen massage
Clothed massage – full body massage or back and spine massage

Spine Massage

This type of massage relies on classical back and spine manipulation techniques. The experience gained over the years has enabled me to combine traditional forms of therapy with other massage techniques. A combined approach targets specific problems more accurately and makes the treatment more effective.

I always tell my clients that prevention is the best medicine, but you will definitely benefit from Spine Massage if you are suffering from any of the below conditions:

  • Muscle aches in the spine region,
  • Deepened spinal curvature (kyphosis, lordosis),
  • Scoliosis
  • Degenerative changes,
  • Muscle tension in the area of the shoulder girdle caused by stress,
  • Specific conditions and ailments where massage was recommended by a physician.

Body Line

I have developed this technique based on the principles of classical massage therapy. I combined various Western and Eastern massage techniques to develop a more holistic approach to bodywork. Clients differ in their preferences regarding the amount of pressure to be applied to muscles, and this is something we discuss before the first session.

Massage relies on the sense of touch, and a massage therapist manipulates soft tissues to relax the muscles, increase joint mobility, promote overall physical renewal and create a sense of mental wellbeing. The client is encouraged to focus on sensory stimuli, quiet the mind and find inner peace. Relaxing background music during a massage session is very helpful in calming a restless mind.

Body session

Body Session is a relaxing massage of the body, head and face. It lasts 1.5 or 2 hours, and it relies on a professional approach to relaxation in the form of psychosomatic therapy (psychological and physical). The sense of touch plays the key role in this type of massage. A quiet atmosphere with soft background music and focus on sensory stimuli promote relaxation and biological renewal.

Feet in the Clouds

This massage focuses on feet and calves, and it may be preceded by manual lymphatic drainage to ease the pressure on swollen lower limbs. The main purpose of this technique is to improve the function of joints, ligaments and muscles in the region of ankle joints and calves. The massage reduces tension caused by wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes, physical activity (high-intensity leg exercises) and prolonged standing. The sensation of lightness in the feet and legs after the massage explains the name of this therapeutic session.

Source of Relaxation

This therapeutic massage promotes deep relaxation and targets regions of the body where stress takes its greatest toll – the shoulder girdle, head and face. Symmetrical and asymmetrical muscle spasms in the shoulder area, some of which are caused by congenital postural deformities, can be exacerbated by prolonged tension and rapid muscle twitching under exposure to stress, inflammation or strain. This also applies to facial muscles where stress may cause twitching and permanent contractions. The Source of Relaxation alleviates those problems by calming the mind and eliminating undesirable external stimuli.

Cellulite Zone

This massage has been designed to eliminate fat tissue and cellulite – fluid retention in the region of the lower limbs, including thighs, buttocks and the abdomen. The Cellulite Zone involves manual massage only, without the use of any additional equipment. The choice of technique, which could include manual lymphatic drainage, is determined by the type, severity and cause of the problem. This massage delivers optimal results when combined with physical exercise and a healthy diet.

Clothed Massage

Some clients do not feel comfortable when asked to undress for a massage session. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as traumatic events in the past, high sensitivity to cold or simply a sense of reduced wellbeing.

If this is the case, clients are more than welcome to attend a massage session fully clothed. I usually ask my clients to wear clothes that are comfortable and do not restrict movement, preferably cotton leggings, T-shit or sweatshirt and socks.

Clothed massage can be a full body massage or a back and spine massage. The applied techniques and methods differ from conventional types of bodywork, but they are equally relaxing and effective.